Tummy to tummy- frog legs position


Tummy to tummy is a great way to carry a child at any age. The baby faces mommy and can either look around and practice his neck and shoulders muscles, or put his head on mommy’s breast and fall asleep- depending on his age and mood at the time.

For younger babies it is best to be carried with their head and limbs inside the carrier, and their legs folded in the “frog leg” position, that is with their ankles at the same height as their bottom. This is a natural position for most newborns, and makes it possible for the baby to relax his entire body.

Tummy to tummy with frog legs is possible in any kind of wrap, mei tai, podegi and some types of sling, preferably unpadded ringslings with enough fabric to cover baby’s entire body, as demonstrated here.


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